You need mountain bike hand guards now more than ever

You need mountain bike hand guards now more than ever

It's strange to think it, but a ship stuck in a canal has made mountain bike hand guards like our VC Guards more important than ever. 

By now you've probably heard all about the EverGiven, a freight ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal and brought global shipping to a standstill. That event, combined with a perfect storm of a rebounding global economy as COVID-19 tapers, means there's a big demand for products in the bike world — and very little supply to accommodate it.

Enter VC Guards. 

VC Guards mountain bike hand guards

In any other year, it would be a bummer to crash and damage your brake levers, shifters, handlebars, and grips. In 2021, such a crash could put your bike out of commission entirely — for the entire season. 

Mountain bike hand guards add a layer of protection between your expensive gear and the ground. Now, with a desperate lack of supply at bike shops and online stores, it's more important than ever to protect your gear until supply lines open up and products become available.

VC Guards can help. We know you have plenty of choices in the mountain bike hand guard market, but VC Guards offer features others don't, like exceptional adjustability. That means you can position the guards perfectly to protect your shifters, brake levers, and handlebars. (Not to mention your hands!)

At some point, the supply chain will right itself and you'll be able to walk into the bike shop to get the parts you need. Until that time, protect your investment; protect your gear with VC Guards so you don't have to put your season on hold.