Our mountain bike hand guard washers have been through the wringer

Our mountain bike hand guard washers have been through the wringer

It’s just a washer. Any old washer on your mountain bike hand guards will do.

Not for VC Guards it won’t.

The ever-growing market of mountain bike hand guards means every brand has to set itself apart. VC Guards does this by ensuring every detail makes perfect sense and enhances the rider’s experience. Mountain bike hand guards serve a fairly simple function — to protect your hands and gear from impacts — but accomplishing that with the rider’s needs in mind is a bit more difficult.

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VC Guards sets itself apart with adjustability. Everything from the hinged clamp to the slotted mount at the guard makes it easy for the rider to tailor the positioning of the hand guards to their needs. Part of that means ensuring the shield itself never slips. Enter the bolt and washer on our mountain bike hand guards.

The first generation VC Guards washer kept the shield firmly in place, but we weren’t satisfied. We thought we could make the washer smaller for a more streamlined appearance. That’s exactly what we did, and the second generation washer meshed perfectly with the bolts and the shield to make for one smooth look.

VC Guards Mountain Bike Hand Guards

But why stop with acceptable when you can achieve perfect? We kept tinkering with the look and feel of our mountain bike hand guards to make VC Guards the most functional, adjustable, and attractive hand guards on the market.

Enter version three of the VC Guards washer. It strikes the perfect balance between the excellent grip of the first-generation washer, and the sleek appearance of the second-generation washer.

mountain bike hand guards washerrs

 It may seem like a trivial thing, a small washer like that. But that goes to show you the immense care VC Guards has put into designing the best component for the job. We want to protect your hands and your gear, sure. But we also want to make sure our VC Guards are as adjustable as possible to give you the sleekest cockpit possible.

Oh, and we definitely want you to look good!

That’s why you can customize your VC Guards. Choose your graphics, choose your washer color, and complement your bike’s look and feel. No matter what brake levers you run, no matter what shifters dangle from your handlebars, no matter what your bike looks like, VC Guards has the right combination of adjustability, protection, and cool graphics to create the best mountain bike hand guards on the market.

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